Hailing from Seattle Washington, Brooklyn based designer Anishka Boozer founded Gypsy BK In 2017. She began to create Jewelry by mixing her own pieces, to reflect her ever shifting personal style. Born In to a creative household, Anishkah grew up surrounded by art, music, books, and fashion. She always loved playing in her Grandmothers vast collection of Costume Jewelry, which are some elements inspired by her collection today.

A pure artist at heart, Anishkah works in an array of mediums, when she isn’t designing jewelry she Is studying to Improve her photography. Capturing every artistic moment traveling the world with her husband, or bustling her way through New York City to catch an exhibit with close friends. She has an unparalleled talent in mixing unexpected materials to create innovative designs, Inspired by an array of cultural Influences. 

Anishka designs for bold women who can subtly command a room, the type of woman that you always remember for her poise, her creative expression and her Salient sense of style.


BK aesthetic represents an intersection of eclecticism, tradition and modernity. GBK's mission to create artisanal, timeless statement pieces that can be worn daily.